epi Information 4|17

  • Report from the 83rd Council Meeting in Warsaw
  • Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee – Case CD #/2012
  • Report from epi Tutors meeting: epi 3-years Training plan
  • Image Processing and Generation from a Patent Perspective
  • Notes on R.43 (2) EPC
  • Interruption of the proceedings due to insolvency before the EPO and UPC

epi Information 3|17

  • Professional Liability Insurance for epi members
  • Information from the Disciplinary Committee
  • Election to epi Committee
  • Report of the 5th meeting of EPO PAOC directors with epi (EPPC) members
  • Results of the 2017 EuropeanQualifying Examination
  • Improved opposition statistics in the EPO annual reports
  • Patentanwaltsausbildung in der Industrie
  • Book Reviews

epi Information 2|17

  • Report from the 82nd Council Meeting in Munich
  • Forthcoming Educational Events
  • Amendment of Rule 51(2) EPC relating to the payment of renewal fees in the 6‑month additional period and its consequences
  • Reconsideration of G3/93 “Priority interval” from the perspective of G1/15 “Partial priority”
  • Book Review

epi Information 1|17

  • Results of the election to the 18th Council
  • Inventor Assistance Program (IAP) - Meeting between WIPO and the epi in Munich
  • Decision T102/08 and the 2016 Guidelines
  • Annual meeting of epi (EPPC) delegation with EPO directors
  • The Long-Awaited European Patent with Unitary Effect and ad hoc Unified Patent Court: United Kingdom shows goodwill for driving the patent package to entry into force

epi Information 4|16

  • Report from the 81st Council Meeting in Berlin
  • Tutors Report on the EQE 2016 Papers
  • Results of the EQE 2016
  • Fast and Sure: Options to Quicker Processing Before the EPO
  • The Problem and Solution Approach – Objective Technical Problem, Part 2
  • Grace Period for Patents
  • Optional Features, Article 84 EPC and Rule 137(5) EPC – An Ambiguous Relationship?

epi Information 3|16

  • 95th Board Meeting in Haarlem
  • Considerations about the Code of Conduct for UPC representatives
  • Toujours la politesse
  • A Review of the “Problem and Solution” Approach to Inventive Step under Article 56 EPC, Part 3
  • Limits of a Limited Opposition
  • Thoughts About the EQE, Part 2
  • The Problem and Solution Approach – Basic Case Law and Recent Development, Part 1
  • Evaluation of Claim Amendments

epi Information 2|16

  • Report from the 80th Council Meeting in Athens
  • A Review of the “Problem and Solution” Approach to Inventive Step under Article 56 EPC, Part 2
  • Limits of a Limited Opposition
  • Decision G1/14 Appeal Inadmissible or Deemed Not Filed?
  • Thoughts About the EQE – Part 1
  • The History of Partial Priority System of the Paris Convention

epi Information 1|16

  • A Solution to eDrex OCR Problems
  • Post Brüstle Developments in EU Biotech Patent Law at the CJEU
  • A New Scenario for Infringement of Second Medical Use Patents: Are Generics Liable when They Participate in Discount Contract Tenders?
  • A Review of the “Problem and Solution” Approach to Inventive Step under Article 56 EPC, Part 1
  • Unintentional Abandonment?